Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lately in Green Cider Groves

Lately in green cider groves
I find myself enquiring:
What secret makes Dame Apple blush
To see Sir Sun a-shining?

Did Lady Apple and Sir Sun
In early hour of dawn
Dance in joyous nakedness
Upon the dewy lawn?

For if I know enough of life
To read a lady’s cheek
I know that fair and rosy glow
Of some love-game must speak.

Though it’s not in ancient myths,
Least, none that I have heard,
That ruddy hue speaks far more true
Than any written word.

And yet I cast no judgment for,
Who’s not, in early hour
Felt the full and fiery force
Of Love’s almighty power?

Monday, 14 July 2008


What this is, right, is, just a few photos (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM) I took this evening after I got back from work. After I got back from work, had an outdoors swim, and went for a ramble. Down I went from Westmeston Place over the field with clover where the horses usually are, through the gate to the field with the long grass where the grasshoppers currently are, through the gate into the woodland in the in-between-place, past that and onto the greenway, the stoney track arched over with trees where many a creeper entwines its husky striated vineaous sap-hose, the track i.e. that took me on to the place with pond in the wood, where I went left, and on, and left and up to what is called Plumpton College Vineyard, at the very foot of very Ditchling Beacon its very self. DId you know that the geological formation that makes the South Downs carries on down ito Champagne in French-land? So this in Ditcling was where it was, was where I took these photos. How very Mediterannios it does indeed look, as if a Poussin or a Cezzane painted it, and indeed after this, after a Meditarranios type repast, I ventured to Barcenna, a bar in Burgess hill, and sat outside following a Pernod with an Absynthe, how very aniseedy of me. And how workinglass, sat there outside such a place on a summer's eve. But you pay good money to fly off to the Greek islands to sit outside working class bars, so I see it as that I got a good deal. I was sitting there wi-fying on my lap top, and I got a strange comment from a working class chap: "Working on the weekend? You must be keen!" The strange thing about that comment is that this is a Tuesday, not the weekend, from where I'm sitting. Hang on, no a Monday, but still, you know? Hmm, none so queer as. For another walk that goes past here, check
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But anyhow, the photos:-