Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Noted recently in the news, human DNA inserted into cow cells to make wierd cow-human embryos. So, they went ahead and made the Minotaur, despite the warning from ancient myth. Minos had to lock the monster away in the great prison but it still brought his downfall.

Noted recently in the news, robotic arms for chimps which they controlled with just they're brains. Check out the Irish myth of Nuada who had a replacement arm made for hm by the smith Dian Cecht...but it lead to a war. Bet you somewhere someone's already building a robo-soldier to go and do the fighting.

Noted also in the news - big cat has been seen prowling in a wood near Brighton - just like Dermot saw. (See DITCHFEST! blog post)

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wool and walking in The Apennines said...

love those photos. Ironically I'm an ex Ditchling Common citizen now living in the MEd yet it's pissing down with rain and there's not a vineyard in sight!