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Kundalini Scene : The Art of Rapture


Kundalini, Sacred Time, and the Art of Rapture

The benefits of risen kundalini are enormous. The rising serpent fire activates the centers of the body, bringing renewal and aliveness, and this is the key to actualizing the kind of dreams we have for, to give an example, an idyllic holiday. Kundalini activates the body-mind system, including the senses. Food will actually taste better. And like sap siphoned up through a plant by capillary action, a feedback loop of sustained kundalini can be generated. For example, a delicious meal can cause increased passion for living, in other words a rising of kundalini - life force - which can actually make the food taste better, and the increased interest in life can further enhance the motivation to make more delicious meals, and so on.

A Passion for Life

Then we say this person has a passion for cooking. An artist may similarly develop a passion for the colours of nature, the flowers, the field of golden corn, dappled sunlight playing upon a wall. Is it worth being interested in the world? Is there any point in getting curious about the patterns on an insect’s back, the smell of wild thyme, the taste of fresh sea bass, or the velvet colours of the rose? More than that, it is our cosmic vocation as humans.

The benefits are also apparent even on more obviously practical levels. If you want to make the most of some time off, for example, you will want raised kundalini. Travellers’ cheques? Tick. Passport? Tick. Suntan lotion? Tick. Methods for raising kundalini?

Because of the way kundalini enlivens the senses, knowing how to raise it is very a valuable tool for enjoying life more. And because kundalini is passion for life, things that inspire curiosity can be useful for this. Can taking a fascinating book with you on holiday make the cuisine you will sample there taste better? Absolutely! Even more so if it makes you more curious about your environment at the time. And will the food make the book more interesting? If the food is delicious it’s all part of keeping the sustained kundalini flow, and so yes, and you are mastering the Art of Living. There are Muses of cookery who will guide you to the herbs you are best working with in any given period! There is body wisdom, intuition that you can follow regarding such things.

The Art of Appreciation

When you are interested in life, you have more life force. That’s self-evident. Kundalini rises. Life has been invested with many Mysteries, because the art of discovery is a great way to raise kundalini. And when kundalini rises, creativity is enhanced, and the chakra centers are activated, including the Eye of the Mind, called the Third Eye. This allows you to see the Beauty of Culture, because collective repositories of passionate human perceptions exist as morphic fields perceivable by the Mind’s Eye. So if your kundalini has risen up to this level, that is called the 6th Chakra, harmonious ancient architecture will be seen with its halo of exquisite beauty, through resonance across time. So again, if you are going site-seeing check you have the guidebook, the map, and so on, but also get the kundalini up to the Third Eye.

Snake Medicine and Getting in the Groove

At this level too it is a two-way process – just as your Sight will be activated, so too are there are sacred geometric patterns of time and space that are the triggers of kundalini. The teachers of this, kundalini rising, are the serpents, which makes intuitive sense since kundalini itself is the serpent fire, coiled at the base of the system while dormant, then rising in serpentine fashion like a snake climbing a tree. At one of the more simple levels, the rattle-snake teaches how use of rattles, shakers, tambourines, sistrums can be used to enter a trance in which the kundalini serpent is somewhat set free from its cave. So we start to feel more groovey. But there is far more to it, and there are keys in the serpentine patterns and numerology.

Can it really be true that contemplation of something so seemingly dry as geometry and calendrical numerology is able to bring about the opposite of dryness – the flowing of the sap that invigorates the system and makes life interesting? Give the following a go:-

Fascinating Wheels and Shimmering Scales

The Maya discovered that a delicious, juiced up feeling can be invoked by basing art, temple architecture and sacred time on the patterns and numbers of the rattle snake Crotalus Durissus Durissus, and so they became quite, quite addicted to this. Just contemplating the Mayan Mysteries in a place beyond stress can open the doorway to beautiful culture and invigorated senses, and interest in life. The snake has a geometric pattern on its hide, based on a diamond which is actually a square rotated through 45 degrees, and with a cross coming through this, marking the diagonals of the larger un-rotated square which encompasses the first. It is the abbreviated form of the pattern known to some as Plato’s Canted Squares – a repeating pattern of alternated rotated and un-rotated squares of decreasing size set one within another, and it creates an image of a perspective 3D view of a diamond tunnel.

The basic square on the snake’s skin is generally of side thirteen scales, with the sides cut by the diagonals in the middle of the side, i.e. the seventh square. The snake grows two new fangs every twenty days, and sheds its skin once every solar year. The calendar that embodies this is not the famous Long Count with its much talked of end date, but rather the Calendar Round.

This is the basic calendar of Sacred Time. Contemplate how it is made from two interlocking “wheels”, one of thirteen days and the other of twenty days. These two wheels come into phase after a period of 260 days, and this and the solar year of 365 days come into phase every 52 years, which is half of 104 years. 104 years plugs into the Venus calendar, which is also made up of thirteens. The basic Venus cycle is, elegantly enough, very close to eight solar years, which is thirteen Venus years, and thirteen of these eight solar-year periods is 104 years. Since eight solar years is also thirteen Venus years, this 104-year period is also 13 x 13 Venus years, the square of thirteen, which brings us back to that square of thirteen on the snake’s hide. Why half of this – the 52 solar years – rather than the full 104? This part of the chain of ideas actually makes the whole more elegant, rather than less so, because the halving of the square (in this case the 13 x 13) is precisely what is achieved by Plato’s Canted Squares as is explained by Socrates to a young boy in the dialogue written by Plato called Meno. The 13 x 13 gives the 169 scales / Venus years; halved, this gives us 84.5 Venus years, which is the 52 solar years that is the phase cycle of the solar year and the 260 sacred year of the Maya. And incidentally the relative diagonal lengths of the inner and outer squares (below) give the ratio of the orbit distances of Earth and Venus from the Sun!

Inner square = half area of outer (tilted) square

Check you got that, contemplate it, then see if an olive tastes better! Actually, it might not taste too different; the juicing up of your system will probably occur once you take the Canamayte pattern on board and start to use it creatively, whether for doodles, mosaics, weaving patterns, tiled floors, architectural design or other types of decoration. As the Maya discovered, it is adoption of the pattern in craft that invokes the juicy sense of Sacred Time. You can further enhance the resonance by shamanistic contemplation and communing with the rattlesnake teachers, and the morhpic fields that have been established by the culture of the Maya, their pyramids, relief sculpture, and artwork. Then taste that olive.

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The Gifts of Eve : Entry to the Garden

One of the fascinating things about the Garden of Eden story is that it is perfectly incorrect, exactly opposite of the truth. Eve, (Hebrew snake goddess Hevia, who is Venus) and the serpent himself, and those delicious apples, the fruit of Venus, are the sacred teachers for ENTRY TO not EXIT FROM the Garden of Eden, and Eve does Adam a great favor.

The Living Library

As well as being coded with numeric codes for kundalini release, this Mayan Mystery also teaches us about the encoding of the natural world with information, as an allegory for the fact that Gaia’s biosphere constitutes a “living library”. I mentioned above that contemplating the patterns on a insect’s back, smelling the fragrance of wild thyme, going into rapture over fresh sea bass, or vibing-out on the velvet colours of the rose are actually examples of cosmically worthwhile activities, inherently interesting. Human culture has been invested with Mysteries so that we have things to be curious about, but we may also note that material channeled from Pleiadian sources (in Barbara Marciniak’s Plieadian Keys to the Living Library) tells us that we are the library cards of Gaia’s Living Library and that as we appreciate these things multidimensional beings are able to access cosmic information that has been encoded and stored here. The rattlesnake mystery of the Maya is just an allegory for this, because this cosmic information is not something we will understand ourselves intellectually; it is accessed through us. But knowing this does allow us to realize how worthwhile it is on many levels beyond the personal and the mundane to be passionately interested in, appreciative of and rapturous about the world around us.

Phasing Out the Long Count, Chiming in the Calendar Round

Karma cannot remain in a state of stagnancy once kundalini rises. This is where stories come from about how kundalini rising can be uncomfortable. But the spasmodic release of deeply felt repressed emotion (the basis of karma) is well within our capability, so this is nothing to worry about.

If you want life to be more interesting, you can start with an intention. You put out the request to the Universal Mind for this, and then you play the Great Game, which is going out into life and finding what you’ve asked for. Ask your Higher Self to get involved, and any other multidimensionals of the Love-Light.

And as karma burns away, interest in End Time based calendars fades, to be replaced by a love of the delectable cycles of Sacred Time, just as the hype of 2012 will be followed by 2013 – which will focus our minds on the two numbers, 20 and 13, that form the elementary wheels of this Mayan Calendar Round. The Venus transit of June 2012 also gives us the perfect opportunity for the recalibration of the Calendar Round attuned to the Venus cycle.

As we approach 2012 there will no doubt be many with pound signs flashing before their eyes who will arise and peddle sensational ideas about the end of the Long Count by means of fear-based selling. It’s all nonsense. Don’t buy into it. Just choose to see it as an opportunity to process and release any lingering End Time repressions, those neurological blocks Barbara Hand-Clow calls catastrophobia. As you do this you will be overjoyed to notice your optimistic New Ager self being reborn, but not the type of New Ager who looks forward with insane, unbalanced hyper-optimism to an End Date as some kind of instantaneous entrance into the New Age. That is just the other side of the coin of catastrophobia karma. Karma is charged energy. The opposite of a charge is an anti-charge, but the release of karma is the collision of particle and antiparticle, creating light, which is uncharged. Winter Solstice 2012 will be a day like any other, a day like today or tomorrow, but today and tomorrow can be fantastic if you are living in Sacred Time and Sacred Space juiced up by the fire-sap of raised kundalini and passionately into life, allowing karma to be released. Why wait?