Friday, 15 June 2007


A new poem to add to the GWRI GOLDEN HAIR story, at the moment of euphoric recognition (Anagnorisis)
Deep down, deep down, deep below
The salty waves a treasure trove
Amid a grove where seaweed swirls
Holds trinkets, jewels, rings and pearls.
And one who dives down through this ocean
Through their old repressed emotion
With these gifts may then adorn
Their hair and limbs and rise reborn.
And so their life's past drama's changed
What once was lost becomes regained
In beggar's clothes he was disguised
Now robed and crowned he's recognised.
With gold and ruby rings adorned
See stable boy to king transformed.
It's no false claim, you'll be surprised
When golden tokens recognized
Give proof of love gone back in time
The story's course to realign.
As light that, from a black hole freed,
Would journey back, the past to seed,
From a bag that can't be filled
This future-seeded light is spilled.
Rhianon's bag must clinch the case:
Gwri Golden Hair brings Grace.

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