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(as in previous post ISLAND-HOPPER : GEODESY)

The Venus of Brunswick Square : A Saphic Ode

Leave Crete, Surf-Born, for Brunswick’s glade
Where sea-breeze whispers in the tops
Of thick-grown firs that cast their shade
Under the copse

Around the green the terrace lies
Where frontages, curved round in bays,
Make lookout posts for seaward eyes
To cast their gaze

The column curves catch varied light,
With spiral capitals of cream,
And finely frame a bounteous sight
Where wavelets gleam.

Corinthian pilasters hold
Their load upon acanthus leaves
Still spiraled, as their curves unfold
Under the eaves

Aphrodite, come, we pray
And grace this finely crafted cove
And softly smile upon our play
In surf-flecked Hove.

Aphrodite Brightonica : An Invocation

As water runs down temple steps of marble, one by one
So let our recounting mark the reasons once again
That hallow out this place so as to make a goddess’ home
Calling and enticing Her step forth from the foam

Solar Amun has the centre of the mighty square
From eastmost point to westmost, and from north to south as far
Hermes has the inner ring, and builds His city where
His distance fords the River Thames, old Oxford’s in his care

Gaia, most voluptuous, just meets the outer square
It’s Venus who divides the Land and Sea in balanced share
She places by her slimmest part within the outer square
A square of half the area, which meets the southern shore

At Brighton, where the surf rolls up between the land and sea
Just as in Her ancient myth the surf gave birth to She
Who fills our hearts with Romance, beautifying all we see
Such elegance befits You; this city is for Thee

A Choral Ode to the Balance of Land and Sea

Strophe : Odyssey, The Ode to the Sea

Come Epic Muse down to me, and now sing a fine Ode to the Sea
Singing “O, to the Sea”, sing an ode, To the Sea sing the story in me
On the Roads of the Sea his crew rowed, as Dawn’s petals fell on the dark Sea,
Like a Rose from the salt-waves She rose, Epic Muse sing the story in me.

Antestrophe : Ge-Odyssey, The Ode to the Land

But no Sight can be found as he sails, homeward bound, as the comforting mounds
Of the Hills of his home where he’d roam, in the fields with his favorite hounds
Singing “O, to the land” always standing, its ground as the winds whirl around
Standing Strong and secure, firm and sure, the great rocks of the shore standing sound.

Epode : The Balance of Land and Sea

With her Compasses Queen Aphrodite, a synthesis brilliantly found
For by Halving the Square she has measured, the balance of land and sea
So the Two Realms at Brighton agree, to the ruling of Zeus they are bound
With BritAnnia and Neptune in balance, he’s finished his Odyssey.

Venus of Hove

If in many-pebbled Hove,
You slip into a dream
In which you see Her stepping out
Where morning waters gleam

Or if among old Brighton’s lanes
You catch a waft of rose
Drifting on the evening air
Then you might suppose

You see the Queen of Beauty
And appreciate Her beams
That glow amid the flowers andIlluminate your dreams.

Palmeira Poem II

Let this poem recall my joy
Of the immensely beautiful immensity
Of Homeric technicolour cloudscapes
Ranged distantly above the sea
Sun-tinted in time-faded creams
And hanging in static pose
Like prancing Olympian figures
On a high pedimental frieze
Dry-footedly above the horizon
Of the yacht-traversed immensity
Of the abundantly immense and immensely
Abundant blue-gray sea
Far off amid the western haze
There lies, they say, an Isle of White
Behind me Palmeira’s pediments shine
And celebrate sunlight.

Palmeira Poem III

Let these few lines recall(My joy of) the immensely longstanding solar passion for coniferousness(As there has long been in the case of) soaring dinosauriac velvet green-scapes
Vaulting haunts of pelicanariac fish-feedersMyrrh-shady alligator-limbed perch-branches of white-feathered squawkers
(And as there also is in the case of this Palmeiran pine.)

The Albion Line

The gods hang out in architraves
Where Evening throws red gold
As Luna creeps into the parts
Where shadows feel the cold
Revelers lean from windows
All along the Western Road
And throw rose petals in the footsteps
Where the giant strode
His image in a wheeled boat
Will ride again tonight
Lit up by burning torches as they
Cast their flick’ring light.

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Tom said...

An excellent collection of contemporary poems evoke WBY in his earlier, although they don't quite manage to lift me to the highs of his poetry, it's the same glimpse of a world beyond that reminds me so much of him.